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Manage the lifecycle of your solar farm in one place 

We are an advanced solution to manage your solar assets from the construction to the operation stage


We will help you in every stage

Delivering reports of the progress of your solar asset in any stage



  • Make estimates of the teams and hardware you’ll need
  • Meet compliance requirements on terrain dimensions



  • Manage construction KPIs and deadlines real-time
  • Correct differences between as-built and design
  • Keep your budget as planed


  • Make an precise and accurate diagnose of each panel
  • Increase your production
  • Reduce operational time

Our Services

We offer the possibility of managing different kind of assets from our platform generating work orders and promoting the interaction between team-members and managers

We're a CMMS

Computerized Maintenance Management System

made for three business lines



Easy manage of the assets within your solar farm and your teams.


Substations and transmission lines seen over the air, makes things easier.

Our Clients

About Us

We know that you need to know the status of each task to operate in an optimum way. So we’re a team of engineers looking forward to help you to manage your solar technical team over the lifetime of the asset

We’re a Data-driven team, we love to know the status of tasks of the technical teams on field

Delegate tasks using our platform, your team will be always connected to you. 

Our Mission

We will keep you in touch with your teams on field to know exactly what they are doing in real-time. You would be able to open new tasks and have metrics about the issues and solutions that your teams has provided to them.

Our Vision

We’re encouraged to improve the CMMS platform and its features embracing our customers needs.

Our Process of Work

Aerial Data Colection

Our first step is collecting aerial data of your asset. We want to make sure we’re covering entirely and understand the location of each of your strategical assets to assign them prices and characteristics.

Digital Twin

Once we have collected the aerial data, we are ready to build your Digital Twin using the most advanced GIS technology softwares and vectorizing each of the assets you will be managing using our web-platform.

Assets within the asset

We will classify all the assets within your asset. Meaning that we will let you know on real time if you have a tiny issue, or a big issue depending of the level of interest of each of your equipments.

Creating Teams

Build your teams. Create squads and assign them task to be solved in specific times and dates. Keep track of their results and print metrics in real-time of each team, or team-member to measure their monthly, quarterly and yearly KPI’s.

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